My New Study Journal Blog

This is the first of my journal entries here in this new blog of mine, Swordsman Beginnings.

Actually, I was not sure about starting this blog at all, but I need to be writing again. After my months-long rest, it’s time to renew this essential part of my life.

Unfortunately, all my works for Swordsman of the Word and The Swordsman Network are still suspended, and a journal blog is all I can do at the moment. I only have my Android smartphone with me; my PC has been dead for months now (I need a brand-new one); and I still got no provision and go-ahead from God to resume all my previous works. It seems to me that all that God wants me to do for now is to study… and yes, to write in this journal blog.

This is not an impromptu decision. I’ve been thinking about starting this journal for weeks. Before that, I had explored writing for Medium, but that didn’t work out. I had also considered repurposing (yet again) my original blog here in… but I didn’t want to face the amount of tedious work involved in that. And so it’s clear to me that a new P2 blog is the best and easiest way to begin this journal.

Why then the name? Why Swordsman Beginnings? The simple reason is that this will be mostly a study journal, and much of what I’ll write here will be the seeds — the beginnings — of the essays I’ll write for Swordsman of the Word. Someday.

Right now my major study is reading the Bible, and so I’ll be mostly reflecting on select Bible verses.

By the way, I’ve just created this blog, and so there’s still some work to do….

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