We Christians often speak about how BIG our God is — how powerful, how awesome, and how mighty he is. And because he is that, we can dream about doing great things for him, and we are assured that no matter what kind of troubles we might find ourselves in, he is able to defeat our enemies for us. We proudly speak that with him, with our powerful God, nothing is impossible if we believe.

All of these are true, of course, with this one caveat that anything is possible with God only if it is according to his will. (Because God is not our personal genie.)  And yet… how many of us Christians truly live our lives in the light of this magnificence and almightiness of God? How many of us do attempt to accomplish seemingly impossible things? Not many I would say. Because here is the catch: For God to be powerful in your own life, you have got to have faith in him. In his perfect character. In his sovereignty. In his very nature as God. The faith to follow him in his difficult ways, and to obey his Word. The faith to risk everything in exchange for his blessings.


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Matthew 11:28-30 WEB

To live our lives so that we don’t regret anything — this is what some people believe in. And yet, regret is not just that feeling of sorrow or despair over something that we should have or shouldn’t have done. It is also that pain over some wrongs that have been done to us.

I had a few regrets of my own over things I’d done these past several years; however, these were regrets I easily made peace with. And that was because I’ve done my best in following God, and I’ve done my best in keeping my faith, and so whatever mistakes I’d made, I was able to forgive myself.

But what of the other kind of regret? Well, I do have plenty of that, and I’m still limping even now, and I still sometimes bleed because of wounds that are taking a long time to heal.


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This is the first of my journal entries here in this new blog of mine, Swordsman Beginnings.

Actually, I was not sure about starting this blog at all, but I need to be writing again. After my months-long rest, it’s time to renew this essential part of my life.

Unfortunately, all my works for Swordsman of the Word and The Swordsman Network are still suspended, and a journal blog is all I can do at the moment. I only have my Android smartphone with me; my PC has been dead for months now (I need a brand-new one); and I still got no provision and go-ahead from God to resume all my previous works. It seems to me that all that God wants me to do for now is to study… and yes, to write in this journal blog.


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